Monday, 28 May 2012


I have been missing in action for the last couple of weeks because we have been on holiday! Hopefully you will forgive me. I must say it was a much needed break away as the daily grind had become a bit too grinding in the last few weeks, I guess it becomes even more noticeable when you are counting down to something exciting.

So, we set off on the 18th and headed to Shrewsbury to stay overnight at Grandma and Granda's house before completing our journey into North Wales to Snowdonia. In total about five and a half hours drive and we took the beautiful scenic route through the mountains rather than plodding up the motorway. I won't bore you with 'what we did on our holiday' in minute detail but have just sorted through some photos so will allow you to judge for yourselves. Incidentally, there are no photos of Ted Bear as we decided to send him off for a special holiday at other Grandma's (or The Spa as he likes to think of it!) since he really does not cope well being around other dogs and we were staying in a group of cottages where there were many (17 at a quick head count!). He is now back in the fold and seems to have had a great time so no hard feelings.

So this is how you play fetch!

Does my hat look big like this?!

Good spot to cool off!

Look, mum, I found a seaweed swamp!

The view from our cottage!

Llyn Cwellyn

Bardsey Island seen through the mist from Llyn Peninsula

Well done if you made it through all the photos! Next time, I will post a couple of videos too. That's all for now, while I go and see what the all the bloggers I follow have been up to while we were away. Next time I will also do something about the Liebster Award that Fizz has kindly given me and I will thank her properly!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Drought or Flood?

Wet, wet, wet...that's my overriding impression of the drought so far! Just a few sunny days scattered between hours and hours of rain. It's certainly the first drought in my memory where wellies and waterproofs have been so necessary!

A brand new water feature in the fields!

Wish I'd worn my waders!

High tide at the local pond.
We have managed a few lovely family walks with all the bears but the majority have been conducted with shoulders hunched and wellies sloshing through squelchy fields. At some points, even the dogs have looked pleased to be back at the car, ready to head home. I guess we're all creatures of comfort at heart.

Aside from walking and getting through the day to day, we have all survived another bout of lurg. The small person in particular had a lot to put up with as she developed a full coating of spots! Not very pleasant but they only lasted a few days and the doctor assured us it was just a virus. Obviously a very clever virus since her cousin once removed (or second cousin??!) up in Yorkshire had the same thing!

Despite all this, however, the smallest member of the household has finally worked out how to crawl and how to stand up holding on to whatever is handy so now nothing in the house is safe! She's very pleased with herself though!