Monday, 15 October 2012

Been A While

Regular readers (don't laugh!) will be aware that the Three Bears and I have been somewhat absent of late. Apologies. I have neglected the blog world over the 'summer' (it's been a bit wet). I must be honest, I have dillied and dallied about whether to continue this blog. Life has been busy, my thoughts have been elsewhere and time has been short. Ultimately, I enjoy reading other people's blogs - why do everyone else's antics always sound so much more exciting than my own?? However, I have decided to step back up to the plate and have another swing! (Almost sounds like I know something about sport there doesn't it?!)

Over the last couple of months changes have taken place here at Bear Central. The tiniest bear is making giant...well, steps really, mastering the art of walking! She is still much more confident with a steady prop but after weeks when I thought she may still be traversing the world sideways and around furniture forever, she finally made the leap. Or step. She now roams freely around the house...with a cheeky grin as she tries to evade capture!
Ted supervising deck construction
There was a grand family party to celebrate her 1st successful year among us. Her main present from Me and Daddy was a lovely deck in our garden, to give her somewhere safe and clean to explore outside without too much bothering from the other bears.

Bear on deck!
Monty and Ted Bear have enjoyed a busy summer....mostly behaving themselves. They have coped very well with the increasingly mobile baby in the house. She takes their stuff, she sits in their beds and she loves to try and stroke them (we have had extensive lessons on how to stroke gently rather than just whacking!). Mostly they look on all this with resigned disinterest but occasionally they seem to enjoy her company.

Creepy Crawly Birthday Cakes - hand decorated by the guests!!
Anyway, I have spent the last week catching up on all the other blogs I enjoy so much. In my next post, I will  ( I promise) do something about the Liebster award so some of you may be on the receiving end! It's nice to be back.

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